Actors with Lifetime role

There are some actors who look same, act same in any or every movie they do. Those actors are known as actors with life time role. They are paid for doing same act again and again. If they try to act differently then movie is a flop. I am listing few of them ( In Alphabetical Order):

AK Hangal: Suffering poor old man. You can't even think him as young or rich. There are few movies where he tried wigs to look young and rich but failed to do so.

Alok Nath: Suffering father/uncle of a daughter. He is playing father figure role since childhood but recognised as filmi father since TV Serial Buniyaad when he played Master Haveliram.

Arshad Waarsi: Circuit. If he tries any other role then he flops. So sad.

Bob Christo: Another Foreigner

Dinesh Hingoo: Paarsi

Govind Namadev: Corrupt Neta/Policeman/Don. His outfit changes but his character remains same.

Iftekhar: Inspector/ACP/DCP. It is said that Police Uniform was part of their skin. Nobody could separate it from his body. In Sholay he played Jaya's father with shawl wrapped around him. What was he hiding under that? You guessed it right, Police Uniform :)

Jagdish Raaj: Inspector/ACP/DCP. Either he or Iftekhar played role of police man. If both of them were in same movie then Jagdish had to work under Iftekhar or had to join CBI/CID.

Keshto Mukharji : Drunkard

Pradeep Kumar: King or rich man. Watch any old period film like TajMahal to justify this.

Razzak Khan (Ninja chacha): Villain's sidekick who tries to do comedy or comedian who tries to be a villain.

Rishi Kapoor: Lover Boy/Man/Old man.

Sachin Khedkar: He must suffer or die in every other film.

Sanjay Dutt: Don.

Sunny Paaji: Macho Man, One man army.

Tom Alter: English Man. Without him we cannot portray foreigner in Hindi Cinema.

There are many more actors with life time role in bollywood movie like Sima Biswas (Kaamwali bai), Tikoo Talsania (Eeeeeeeeeeeee Seth/Rich man) , Sameer Khakhar Khopdi....

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