Self Proclaimed Showman of Bollywood

Subhash Ghai is self proclaimed Showman of Bollywood.
Villains in his movies have alien names like Sir Juda, Dr. Deng , Chuniya etc.
One interesting thing I found in his movies is that there is at least one song which has (Virodhabhas Alankaar) Word Opposite.
Hero: Tu mera Hero hai....(Word: Hero Opposite: Zero)
Khalanyak: Nayak nahin Khalnayak hai tu.. (Nayak Khalnayak)
Pardes: Nahin hona thhaa...Phir bhi ho gaya..
Saudagar: Imli ka boota..(Khatti Meethi)
Taal: Nahin saamne...Par paas hai..
Yaadein: Yaadein yaad aati hain..bhool jati hain
Vidhataa: Haathon ki chand lakeeron...
Joggers Park: Ishq hot nahin.. ishq ho jata hai
Trimurti: Duniya re duniya very good.....very bad

Start recalling all the movies he has ever produced or directed you will find some more exmples.
Moving a step ahead now he is making Good Boy Bad Boy :-)
Im fed up with the Ads within the movies worst example is Yaadein(It was very painful to watch Pass Pass ad, Coke etc.).
For Kisna he claimed that film was made with thourogh research. Kisna and his firang Girlfriend run from Rishikesh to Delhi via Faizabad. Rishikesh to Delhi (230km ). Delhi to Faizabad (636 km). While coming from Rishikesh to Faizabad we have to pass districts near Delhi. Why anyone will take this around 1000 km long route that too in khatara tempo? Good research work Mr ShowMan. Keep wasting your money.

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